What We Do

The Platte Valley Arts Council is an organization which exists,

to foster awareness of and participation in any form of the arts, with the aim of developing vibrant and cohesive communities.

A volunteer Board of Directors sets policies and implements projects and events for the general public, students, artists and its members. The PVAC strives to recognize and promote all forms and levels of Art; visual, musical, theatrical, dance, and literary. The PVAC is keeping a watchful eye towards new and cutting edge work and advocates the importance of the Arts in our lives each and every day. The Platte Valley Arts Council is a non-profit corporation established in 1993 to promote, encourage, and support all forms of the arts. The Council’s mission is to enrich the quality of life of the area, and to expand the basis for the arts in the surrounding communities through increased educational opportunities in order to contribute to the long-term cultural and economic strengths of our beautiful area.