Up Coming Events

Everyone is invited to the Platte Valley Arts Council AFTER HOURS SOCIAL and presentation of the 2019 Hay Bale Sculpture Winners Trophy on November 1, 2019 at the Platte Valley Arts Council. Food & Drink will be served. Come learn about what the Arts Council does in a great casual social atmosphere.

The Platte Valley Arts Council is sponsoring the third annual Hay Bale Sculpture Contest. We would like to invite you to show off some good old ranch ingenuity and give your outfit creative bragging rights, but this isn’t just open to ranchers as businesses and families are also encouraged to enter. We invite you to create a sculpture made predominantly of hay bales. You may incorporate wood, metal, wire, paint, canvas dams, or anything else you dream up into your sculpture. We want all of our Valley residents to have a chance to see your handiwork, so place your works of art close to the highway or county road. We will also post pictures of your entry on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/PlatteValleyArts This is actually where the winner will come from as this is a POPULARITY CONTEST as well. Entries are due by October 1, 2019 by returning the form (included in this album of photos) by email to [email protected] or by Messaging us here on Facebook or if you prefer use the good ole’ fashioned mail sent to PO Box 127, Saratoga, Wyoming 82331. Your masterpiece should be completed by October 13, 2019 at 3:00 p.m. as the photos will be taken that afternoon or the next morning. The photos will then be posted to start the voting process on the 16th. Photos of entries, locations/directions will be placed here on the Platte Valley Arts Council page, and folks will be asked to vote for their favorite from October 16 through October 31, 2019. In addition to promoting awareness of all the ranching operations in Encampment, Saratoga, and Riverside, we hope to share the creative agricultural minds in our midst. The “People's Choice" winner will take home the traveling trophy (which has been taken care of by The TA Ranch for the past year as the 2018 winners). The trophy was created by Saratoga Artist, Sierra Smith. The winner and runners-up will be announced the first week of November. The winning ranch, business or family will keep the trophy for one year, then surrender to be presented to the next year's winner. Rules: 1. Sculpture must be predominantly made of hay (round or square bales, loose hay), other materials may be added (wood, metal, wire, paint. cloth, etc.). 2. Sculptures should be constructed and visible near a highway or county road. 3. Entry forms due October 1, 2019 4. Final sculptures must be completed by Sunday, October 13, 2019. 5. You need not be a rancher to enter, you just need your own hay and materials and a place to display. 6. You do not need to be a member of the Platte Valley Arts Council to enter. 7. Photos of hay bale sculptures will be posted on the Platte Valley Arts Council Facebook page, and a tally of votes placed on that page will determine the winners. 8. The winner will be entitled to keep the traveling trophy for one year, and then will surrender the trophy for the following year's judging. 9. The Platte Valley Arts Council assumes no responsibility for any injuries that may result in the construction or viewing of the sculptures. 10. Have Fun!!! The mission of the Platte Valley Arts Council is to keep ART in the Valley. Help us do that with this unique and exciting opportunity. We look forward to seeing what you create. Good luck from the Platte Valley Arts Council Board Members