The Platte Valley Arts Council Scholarships are awarded each year to a graduating senior from either the Saratoga High School or the Encampment High School.  Requirements include enrollment in a higher education institute, an average GPA, examples of their art form, and letters of recommendation.  One does not need to major in an art field, or attend a four-year college.    

In 1999 the program began with a $500 scholarship, and we have had a difficult choice each year since.  The proceeds of our Adult Coloring Book sales go directly into the scholarship fund.  We are now able to include an additional $250 scholarship and the Gabe Springsteen Memorial Scholarship of $500.  Gabe was the arts council’s first recipient of the scholarship.


The Platte Valley Arts Council Board of Directors voted to gift each graduating Senior in the Platte Valley local Daron Little’s musical CD using one of the scholarship monies that was not applied for in 2020. The Board decided that this was especially fitting for these Seniors who have lost half of their memorable year because of the pandemic. Congratulations on your high school graduation Class of 2020. Enjoy and may “Art always be in your lives”.