Featured Artist

Joe Irene was born and raised in Wyoming. He grew up and worked on a ranch near Elk Mountain and began heavy construction pouring and finishing yards and yards of concrete for prisons, schools, hospitals and shopping centers.

After settling in Saratoga, Wyoming in 2004, Joe began working more with hand tools including routers and sanders, which he now uses to create unique and personalized signs for home, gifts and even as conversation starters.

Joe’s shop is located at 102 ½ N E River Street in Saratoga where his signs can be seen on the fence and you can usually hear his music going as he works on his hand carvings. Even though his signs look perfect there is no computer or CNC machine used to carve his designs and are completely handmade. Most of the signs Joe has created can be viewed on his Facebook page at Joe’s Signs or he can be reached at 307-710-3128 with additional questions about his artwork. He also has a picture book for ideas, inspiration and suggestions to have a creation designed that is perfectly your own. In 2018 he plans to use more cut out shapes and more color in some of his work.

Every sign he has carved has a story and he is great at “sign language”.