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Brooke has been an artist since she was young. She had amazing mentors and supporters growing up that encouraged her various creative endeavors whether it was painting, drawing, sculpting, cooking, etc. People were always encouraging of her creativity regardless of its form. As a former art teacher, Brooke knows the importance of fostering creativity and the effects it has in our lives. She recently decided to become a stay-at-home mom as the balancing of a full-time teaching job, mom, wife, friend (the list goes on and on) was too much for her plate. Time was available to actually make things herself instead of just teaching others how to create. It was something she was missing in her life and has found it to be totally fulfilling. 

Brooke has been blessed with many open doors in Wyoming’s Platte Valley community such as selling handmade jewelry in Saratoga’s Sweet Marie’s Mercantile and venturing into her new flower business Barefoot Brook. She has big plans for the future, but for now while her and her husband raise their small kids and offers bouquet flowers at limited times throughout the year. Brooke’s main focus is to be a flower farmer during the short growing season and use 95% of her own farm raised flowers during that time. She will also have flower bouquets available Monday-Saturday in the summer which is different than the offerings in the off season. She offers modern vases with flowers and it has been reported back to her that her creations last 2-3 weeks. She picks her flowers daily, before sunrise, during the growing season. Brooke grows varieties that cannot be obtained from a normal florist because the flowers don’t ship well or are short-lived to begin with. Brooke gives as an example, that poppies are a favorite but don’t ship well to a florist; or by the time they arrive, they are on their way out. She is finding a solution to this problem and excited about her venture. While growing and learning about how to run a small business in our little towns, Brooke has had the opportunity to meet many great people and build relationships with so many which is a priority and purpose which she is thankful for. Being an avid learner she is currently taking an intense flower class on all aspects of the flower farming business; and she is thrilled to bring her knowledge to the Platte Valley community and offer something new for our amazing little towns.

To order or see Brooke's work:
Phone: 307.710.7071
Facebook: Barefoot Brook
Instagram: BarefootBrookart
Email: [email protected]